Frequently Asked Questions

Can I come visit before choosing a kitten?

Of course! I highly encourage all potential ragdoll families to come visit and meet our adult cats and kittens before making a decision. Opening your home to a ragdoll is a big decision that can last 20+ years so making sure you choose the right kitten for you and your family is best done meeting the kittens in person. If you are unable to meet them in person I am happy to take videos, photos and give descriptions of each of the kittens individual personalities to help you make your decision.

Are ragdoll cats a good breed for a home with young children?

Ragdolls are an extremely easy going, cuddly and docile breed. This makes them an excellent choice for families with young children. All of our kittens are raised in our home underfoot and exposed to our toddler as well as her small friends.

Are your cats caged or home raised?

All of our cats have our home to run, play, sleep and relax. Keeping the house clean, healthy and organized is a full time job but something we take care of every day to give the cats and kitten the best possible upbringing. When kittens are first born they are kept in a seperate room with their mother until they are big enough and healthy to come out roam and play with the rest.

Do Ragdolls Shed? Are they hypoallergenic?

Yes Ragdolls do shed BUT their coat is much like a rabbits with very little undercoat and therefore less shedding than other medium and long hair breeds. By brushing your ragdoll once a week you will even further reduce shedding.Ragdolls are not non-allergenic, the allergy comes from the dander/saliva not the hair, due to their lack of undercoat and low shedding I personally have found many people with allergies are not effected by ragdolls like other cats. I do suggest you visit and spend some time with a ragdoll cat to determine if your allergies are affected.

If we wish to get two kittens is it better if they are from the same or different litters?

Ragdolls are very soical and companion animals, they love to have a play mate or buddy around. Getting two kittens from the same litter makes adjusting to their new home easier and eliminates the need to later introduce a kitten/cat to another.

How should we introduce our new ragdoll kitten to our current cat?

Slowly! Ragdolls are typically very accepting of new animals and surrounding, however your current cat may not be. To avoid any possibly fighting or hostility slowly introduction your new kitten to your cat making sure you are paying close attention to both and how they interact with one another. I do suggest keeping them apart for at least the first night, giving them both a chance to rest and wake up fresh.

Are ragdoll cats a good breed for a home with a dog/dogs?

All our Ragdoll cats and kittens live in our home with our two dogs and are very accepting of other new dogs. However if your current dog has not been exposed to cats it make take him or her a while to become aquainted with your new Ragdoll Kitten. Make sure their introduction is slow and your kitten has a way to escape reach of your dog if chased, also making sure you are paying close attention to both and how they interact with one another.

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