Kings of PurrRealDolls

2018-2019 NE Region 16th Best Longhair Cat

Name - RW SGC Marlcreek BluMagic of Purrrealdolls

DOB - February 22nd, 2018

Colour - Blue point mitted

Sire - CH Keepurrs Even Steven Of Marlcreek

Dam - Marlcreek Cantucky

Oz brings incredible type and size, outstanding personality and a fantastic pedigree to our program. We are honoured to have Oz join our home and we enjoyed showing him. Oz has been producing lovely, very excellent type and large kittens for us. A huge thank you to Charmayne at Marlcreek for the extreme privledge of adding this outstanding boy to our family!!
DNA Tested: Chocolate -/- Dilute +/+
Tested negative for HCM, PKD, FIV, and Felv

2018 NE Region Best Ragdoll Cat, 9th Best Longhair Cat & 18th Best Cat

Name - RW SGC Happykatrags Maksim

DOB - February 20nd, 2017

Colour - Seal point mitted

Sire - CH USAPurrs Pheonix Rising From Ashes

Dam - CH Bing Bing Bing of Happykatrags

We are so grateful to have the opportunity to add Maksim to our program, with amazing type and size, a fantastic personality and a outstanding pedigree. Maksim has already shown extensively earning the top title of Supreme Grand Champion as well as Regional Wins. He has produced stellar kittens who have also done very well in the show ring and we look forward to having his kittens running around our home later this year. A great big thank you to Lisa at Happykatrags for producing this spectacular boy and trusting us to take great care of him!
DNA Tested: Chocolate -/- Dilute +/-
Tested negative for HCM, PKD, FIV, and Felv

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