Grooming your Ragdoll

Brushing my Hair

In order to prevent excessive shedding, matting and hairballs, you will need to brush your radgolls fur. We recommend brushing out your kitties hair once per week use a wide-toothed steel comb and slicker brush paying close attention to underarms, behind ears and their neck ruff as these tend to be the most common areas for matts to form. We have begun the grooming rituals early with our kittens, many very much enjoy this time and purr or kiss throughout their grooming. If the fur is matted, be very gentle when brushing. If your kitty does get mats you can clear the mats a little every day, just use a steel, wide-toothed comb and separate the hair little by little. Soon, your cat will sport shiny and soft hair.

Time for My Manicure and Pedicure

Nail trimming is a good idea if you want to avoid those occasional scratches. Trimming nails also helps reduce tearing, splitting and infections in overgrown claws. Purrrealdolls kittens have their nails trimmed weekly starting at an early age to get them accustom to the feeling and making it easier for new families to continue. You can purchase specialized clippers from pet stores to clip the nails. You need to observe the nails carefully, you will find a pink patch running through the nail. This patch indicates the nerve endings of the cat. You need to avoid these pink patches and cut the nail half way between the pink and where the nail ends at a point. If you cut off the nerve endings you will hurt your cat leading to bleeding, pain and possible infection.

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