Available Ragdoll Kittens & Expecting Litters

Available Kittens

Available Kittens - 2023 Secured Waitlist - Our Waitlist is currently FULL.
We will again be working with a secured waitlist for 2023. This will ensure that everyone on the list will have the ability to adopt a kitten from us within the next calendar year. To be added to the secured waitlist you will need to place a $100 deposit through email transfer to sales@ontarioragdollkittens.ca and please specify pet, pet or show, show only. This $100 goes towards the adoption fee and is non-refundable/non-transferable unless I am unable to offer a kitten to you within 2023.

We can not guarantee colour/patterns/gender or combinations of these. Please be open to more than one pattern (point, mitt, bicolour). If you are only interested in a specific colour/pattern/gendeer combination you will have a higher chance if you are open to show quality. If only interested in pet quality with specific colour/pattern/gender combination this waitlist may not be the best option for you. All our kittens this year will be blue/seal and we will have one litter that can produce lynx.

We are planning for 2 litters in the Spring/Summer and 2 in the Fall/Winter. Our 2023 Secured Waitlist will have 12 available spaces that go in order of deposit received except for Show Alters. Our secured waitlist will be published with first name & last initial on our website so you can keep track of placement on the list and where selections are at. Each time a litter is born an email will go out to everyone on the secured list. When it is your turn to select a kitten, I will contact you with your options and you will have 48 hrs to pick or pass. If you pick your kitten, you pay $250 (also goes towards adoption fee) to secure your kitten. If you pass you will stay in your place on the list and wait for the next litter. These selections will take place when kittens are approximately 8 weeks of age. Only after all the families on our secured waitlist have chosen their kittens will we offer any available kittens on our website and Facebook page.

Those who express interest in Show Alters will be offered the option of show quality kittens as available, and Pet Alters will be based on place on the waitlist.
Our Waitlist is currently FULL.

Thank you for your patience! If you have any questions about this process do not hesitate to ask

2022 Secured Waitlist -

Pet - Interested in Pet Quality Only

Pet/Show - Interested in Pet or Show Quality

Show - Interested in Show Quality Only

Our Prices for 2023 are as follows and details can be found on our pricing page:
Pet Alter $1850
Show Alter $2350

1. Wendy L - Pet

2. Amanda C - Pet or Show

3. Luohan Y - Pet or Show

4. Darren C - Pet or Show

5. Janet C - Pet

6. Stacey K - Pet

7. Christina T - Pet or Show

2023 Planned Litters

Maddy x Zeus Fall/Winter

Moira x Zeus Fall/Winter

2024 Planned Litters

Fate - Spring

Available Adults

Our sweet boy Zeus is retiring! Will turn 2 in January 2024, Seal Bicolour male, Zeus earned a Regional Winner and his Supreme Grand Champion titles. A big long boy with an incredible cuddly and in your pocket personality. Zeus is neutered, microchipped and UTD on vaccines. Zeus is ready to find a great pet or show home. Adoption Fee $2000

Please contact now through our

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  • if you are interested in reserving a precious kitten!

    We do reserve the right to refund a deposit at any time if we feel we are not the right breeder to provide you with a kitten.

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