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Litter & Boxes for your Ragdoll

Here at Purrrealdolls we think our cats deserve the very best! For us this means World's Best Cat litter. We love how light and concentrated this natural corn based litter is making our litter box scooping a much easier and less smelly job! In addition to using a great litter always make sure to offer enough litter boxes to your kitties, 1 plus another 1 for every cat in the home, This means 1 cat has 2 litter boxes - 2 cats have 3 litter boxes and so on. Ragdolls are a large breed and require a large box, please rememeber your kittens will grow up to be big adults and select a generously sized box to last them into adulthood.

Locations of your litter boxes is also very important. Place the boxes in a quiet place that is away from the cat's food and water dishes. Choose a spot that is easy for the cat to access and one they can't accidentally get shut out of. Be mindful not to choose a spot where the cat may get scared (laundry machine turns on, or furnace kicks in) this can lead to litter box adversion.

Outstanding Odor Control. No "litter box smell"
Lightweight. Give your back a break.
99% Dust Free. No silica dust.
Quick Clumping & Easy Scooping. No mess in the box.
Flushable* Septic Safe. Just scoop and flush.
PET, PEOPLE & PLANET FRIENDLY. Made from sustainable corn.

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