"Had a most wonderful visit with Amanda. Very loving and welcoming to myself and friend. I loved her knowledge and was not rushed at all while we were there. Extremely knowledgeable regarding ragdolls I am thrilled to say I own one of her babies. She is just the sweetest little thing, loving and silly. Would highly recommend Amanda to everyone. Her ragdolls and babies are her family and not shoved in a crate in a room, they live amongst her lovely family. "


" After researching months on end for the perfect breed to surprise our 10 year old daughter with at Christmas, We found Amanda and her Ragdolls. Amanda is very helpful and informative and after visiting her home we had no trouble in picking the perfect kitten for our daughter. As I said above the kitten was a Christmas surprise and Amanda went above and beyond to ensure it was a memorable one by providing the gift wrapped box and ribbons for the kitten to be presented in. It was the best Christmas ever !!! Lots of tears of Joy. Hence her name "Miss Joy". Miss Joy fit in the moment she arrived. So friendly and loving. Never runs and hides and always greets company at the door. She has her most fun teasing the family dog and gets along great with him. Most times you can find her snuggled up with our daughter getting petted and showered with affection. The Ragdoll breed is AMAZING!!! So glad we found you Amanda, You have completed our family . Thank you for being there to answer my questions after we brought her home."


"After months of researching the breed of cat that would suit my 3 year old daughter and myself - I came across quite a few breeders around the city. Amanda not only had the best price but, more importantly, was the only breeder willing to have us come to observe the kittens in their environment. Amanda is so knowledgable, kind and willing to help and answer any questions you have prior to and after taking the kitten home. I fell in love with the runt of the litter. I received updates and photos weekly until the day we could pick her up. She continues to answer any and all of my questions that I have. Thank you again Amanda for taking such great care of her and allowing us to adopt "Coco" and making her an important part of our family now!"


"Dear Amanda, Timeís flying. The little guy has come to my place for one week. I call him King! Heís active, likes playing and even canít stop for one second. I love him! My older kitten starts to play with him, or chases him. He knows he cannot win her, so every time, he just stops, lies his back on the floor and plays dead. So cute! :) Thank you! "


" We feel so lucky that we found Amanda and her ragdoll kittens in time to make our daughter's Christmas dream come true. What a great personality our little "Tinsel" has -- he is playful (which our three children love) but also super cuddly and he lets them carry him around everywhere. He is so friendly and such a great addition to our family. We are sure his good nature is down to the way he spent his first 10 weeks before we took him home. Communication with Amanda before, during and after the sale has been excellent. If you want to add a cat to your family I would highly recommend Amanda and her Purr Real Dolls! "


" Zeus has been a wonderful asset to our family. He is such a delight. He plays with the children and keeps them amused. Amanda, thank you for introducing Zeus to us. I am glad we travelled from Kitchener to find him."


" We have received fantastic before and on-going after purchase support from Amanda. You are a wealth of knowledge and always there to answer our questions. We are so happy to have Marty as part of our family. He is docile and very affectionate, a wonderful breed to have with kids. "


" Getting a ragdoll was a difficult choice for me, for many reasons. Amanda did everything she could to answer all of my questions concisely and honestly. She was welcoming during the visit to her home, and seemed eager to help in any way she could. She allowed me as much time as I needed with the cats, in order to get to know them and experience the Ragdoll breed in general. The cats themselves were friendly, well-socialized, and well-mannered. Amanda provided details about the breed itself and general kitten care; her knowledgeable and sincere responses to all questions showed that she is indeed a responsible breeder who truly loves what she does. Most importantly of all though, she provided me with a lovely kitten who has made the perfect addition to my home. Theo is extremely friendly, playful and cuddly, and I really couldn't have hoped for a better cat. "


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